How are we different from a hospital?

Pregnancy is not a sickness or disease. 

Birth Center care is provided by professionally trained midwives and/or doctors who practice a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and women’s health care. 


We focus on the health of you and your baby, as well as your dreams and desires for your birth. 


Birth Center care begins with your first prenatal visit where we draw your labs, assess you and your baby, discuss your pregnancy and answer your questions, cover the nutritional needs you have during this time, and help you make a plan for your birth. 


Throughout the pregnancy you will have health care providers you can easily reach who are there for you no matter what questions or concerns arise.

During your prenatal appointments you are informed and make decisions about your care.

In labor you will be cared for by your midwife or doctor and you will be able to choose where and how you give birth. Holistic methods of pain management such as position changes, movement, hydrotherapy, and more are utilized. Some birth centers offer Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as well.

During birth your loved ones can be by your side. Often you or your partner catch your baby, who is lifted up to your chest right away and remains with you even during their newborn exam.

Our providers help to give you confidence in your ability to give birth, balancing the human touch with technology.


Birth Centers honor and respect the wisdom and dignity of all women and the sacredness of pregnancy and birth.

Birth Centers give you the time that you deserve.

Time to listen to and answer your questions.

Time to stay with you throughout your labor and birth.

Time to help you, your new baby and your family get off to the best possible start